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  • I had a few questions and support responded lightning fast with solutions.
  • Great service after the sale! I had a couple of questions concerning an issue and after submitting an email to support I was taken care of immediately. The support was very courteous and extremely helpful. Just the kind of people I like to give business to!
  • After the sale customer service was OUTSTANDING! I had no clue what I was doing and totally screwed the install up. After a few emails, the staff fixed the issues for me. After seeing what they did, I can see where I made my “NOOB” bone-head mistake. They even took the time to explain things in an easily understood manner (stick figures for the beginner).
  • I’m not a programmer. When I purchased this form [PHP Contact Form], I received more service than I could ever imagine! The team was SO helpful. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish my goals without them.
  • Great sellers, very good support, and customer support is top notch, got a reply within a hour, and they are really helpful, couldn't ask for more, will recommend to everyone.
  • UNBELIEVABLE customer service!!!! The script itself is nice enough but they more than came through with fixing it on my quirky provider server…even though technically it was not their product fault they still were phenomenal!!! Thank you so much one happy customer :)
  • This script [PHP Contact Form] was exactly what I was looking for. I was able to customise it to exactly what I needed. The author's support was first rate - even over a weekend.
  • Great support! Support took time and effort to "walk me through" on how to embed a Google map on my contact form. Looking forward to purchase more programs from
  • This [PHP] contact form is clean and easy to use. Because I wanted the form match with my website template, also supported me with CSS too.
  • Awesome support - I sent them an email asking how to do something and in less than a couple of hours they sent me the solution in the form of an updated file. This was on a Saturday afternoon. I wasn't expecting a response until Monday. The script [This Domain is For Sale] works great!
  • First class support even on Christmas Day! I had some problems figuring ut how to change the correct DNS settings for "parked Domains" but once that was sorted everything worked great.
    Well coded and well crafted plugin.
  • Working with web hosts over the years I've come to expect some hassles when trying to implement features and tools that are supposed to be "simple". I never expected such awesome service as I received on installation of the PHP Contact Form. It was quick and complete. Can't thank them enough!
  • Wow! Great forms [PHP Contact Form] that work exactly as we wanted. How refreshing it was to receive genuine human support that was above and beyond our expectations. These guys are going places!
  • This form [PHP Contact Form] comes with everything you need. From a super simple form to a full blown , all the bells and whistles form ..its up to you! Here's the real value though...this form WILL work for you . These guys make sure of that . Best customer service / support I've come across anywhere. I messed with this thing for a few hours...thought I made the wrong purchase... I requested help from support...5 minutes later...DONE! These guys are the real deal ..they love what they do!
  • That was my first time buying a plugin [This Domain is For Sale WordPress Plugin] and I am shocked by the lightening fast support! They are always there for you in case you have any questions/problems. They will make sure you are happy with the purchase and go beyond your expectations! I highly recommend these guys and do not hesitate to buy their beautifully coded products!!
  • If I say nothing else let me say that the online support for this product [PHP Contact Form] is "lights-out!". I have been designing websites for 20 years but am not a PHP coder or programmer, although I can muddle my way through already existing code. I had some issues getting this form to work initially and in a series of follow-up emails I was given complete support to get the application up and running. I just wish this type of support was the norm in the industry and that's what makes this type of responsiveness so impressive. They obviously care not only about selling you the application but are there to help you make it work. Great product and even better support!
  • Your support for costumer service was great! They're professional and always seem to know what they're doing. Also, their price for plug-ins are really less than they should be. They are second to none, helpful and never late. I don't know any other companies with this kind of service; you are simply awesome!
  • Fantastic support! Had a slight issue with my registrar and the guys from htmlpie competently fixed it even though it was an issue on my and the registrar's end. Another happy customer!
  • Most business say they provide customer support for their products. In general, such support is limited and like pulling teeth to obtain. That's not the case with the [WordPress] Contact Form product produced by HTMLPIE. I recently purchased this great plug-in and asked for assistance and/or clarification on about five different items. Each time I received a prompt and helpful response. I wish all businesses provided such support. I recommend this product and company without hesitation.
  • This Domain is For Sale WordPress Plugin

    This Domain is For Sale Plugin

    Top reasons why you should buy this awesome plugin!

    • Handle tons of domains in 1 WP!
    • Works with any theme!
    • Visual Composer integration!
    • Filter by age, extension, etc
    • Tens of widgets and Shortcodes
    • SMTP support
    • "Manual" camel-case support
    • E-mail address verification NEW!
    • Per-domain configuration!
    • Supports fixed price sales!
    • SEO statistics!
    • Powerful cache
    • Automatic plugin updates
    • Multiple currencies supported!
    • On-the-fly currency conversion!
    • Mark as “sold” with a click
    • Detailed statistics
    • Set starting price (Optional)
    • Limited time bidding (Optional)
    • Affiliate links!
    • 100+ Sales on CodeCanyon!
    • Strong Spam protection
    • IDN support (UTF8 domains)
    • E-mail & IP address blacklist
    • Optional comments
    • Multi-site support
    • Receive offers via email
    • List all your other domains
    • Export data to CSV
    • WP Coding Standards compliant
    • Well-documented
    • Commented code
    • Long-term support!
    • Over 200 sales on CodeCanyon
    • And really much more…
  • Advanced WordPress Contact Form Plugin

    Advanced WordPress Contact Form

    That's not all, keep reading...

    • 2 minutes to setup & integrate
    • No crap included to increase sales!
    • Works with any theme!
    • Unlimited number of forms
    • Shortcode support
    • Requires no coding!
    • Huge library of ready-made styles!
    • Visual Composer support!
    • SiteOrigin Page Builder compatible!
    • CSRF & XSS protection
    • Anti-Spam flood protection
    • Image CAPTCHA
    • Hidden CAPTCHA (honey pot)
    • Riddle CAPTCHA
    • E-mail address blacklist
    • IP address blacklist
    • Customizable form field labels
    • Customizable submit button text
    • Customizable e-mail subject & body
    • Customizable automatic response
    • Customizable subscription notifications
    • Customizable subscription verification
    • Customizable newsletter field
    • Fully translatable riddles (for the CAPTCHA)
    • Fully compatible with WPML, Polylang etc.
    • PO file available
    • Multiple recipients, with CC & BCC support!
    • File attachments (plus validation)
    • SMTP authentication (with WP built-in PHPMailer)
    • Per-form configuration customization
    • Plain text & HTML e-mails support
    • Optional redirection on success
    • Optional last name requirement
    • Optional & automatic subscription
    • Subscription notification
    • E-mail address verification
    • Subscription CSV Export (UTF-8 compatible)
    • Web accessibility best practices
    • Progressive enhancement
    • Unobtrusive JavaScript\AJAX
    • Unobtrusive client-side validation
    • Mobile-friendly
    • Retina-ready styles!
    • Minimum HTTP requests
    • Optimized CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
    • Customizable "From:" e-mail header
    • DMARC\ADSP compliance (iPage, GoDaddy, etc)
    • Least 3rd-party dependencies possible
    • Semantic structure
    • Automatic updates
    • Cross-browser support
    • And really much more ...
  • Domain WordPress Theme

    Why you should be using this awesome WordPress theme!

    • This Domain Is For Sale! ($22)
    • Advanced Contact Form! ($18)
    • No theme lock!
    • Unlimited colors!
    • Sticky header NEW!
    • Tons of WP Customizer options!
    • Domain logo and site icon support
    • Dropdown navigation menu
    • Retina-ready
    • Optimized performance
    • Search engine optimization
    • Localization ready
    • Child theme support
    • Unobtrusive JavaScript
    • Single-click updates!
    • Well documented
    • LTS (Long-term support)
    • WordPress 4.8

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