How To Setup Your Homepage With The Domain WordPress Theme

  • 1. On a fresh WordPress installation, you'll see such a homepage once installing the "Domain" theme.
    As you can see in the instruction at the top of the page, you need to create a new page with a special "Page Template" and make it your static homepage for everything to look good.
    There are also some unnecessary widgets on the left which WordPress automatically adds to the sidebar upon installation.

  • 2. Go back to your WordPress backend.

  • 3. Go to the "Pages" menu → "Add New".

  • 4. For the page title, write the words that you want to appear at the top of your domain list, e.g. "Premium Names"; you can also hide this title later on through the Customize section.

  • 5. Remove the sample text, because we don't need it.
    Change the "Page Template" to "Domain Front Page".
    Click the "Publish" or "Update" button.

  • 6. Go to the "Settings" menu → "Reading".

  • 7. Change the "Your homepage displays" setting to "A static page".
    Set the "Homepage" to the page you have just created.
    Click the "Save Changes" button.

  • 8. Go to the "Appearance" menu → "Widgets".

  • 9. Drag and drop all the widgets out of the "Left Sidebar", one by one.
    WordPress automatically adds these widgets upon installation.

  • 10. Checking your homepage, it should be looking like this so far; no domain list yet.

  • 11. Before adding your domains you must make sure that all of them are properly parked on your WordPress domain.
    Once all your domains are parked, go to the "Domain For Sale" → "Domains".

  • 12. Click the "Import" button.

  • 13. Enter all your domains, plus a domain name that is not parked, like, so you can see how it'd be like.
    Click the "Import Domains" button.

  • 14. As you can see the which was obviously not parked here was not added;
    if you have any domain that is not parked on your WordPress domain you'd see such an error message for it too.

  • 15. Going to your homepage and scrolling down a little bit you should see your beautiful domain list.
    That's it! You have your homepage up and running; ready to receive offers.