The Story!

Once upon a time, in a kitchen far, far away….

There was an awesome PHP contact form script! The PHP script had fantastic features! backed by unprecedented heroic support! People who were using it were really happy! 🙂 they all loved it just as much they loved pies! yummy pies!

But! there was a problem! the poor soul PHP script was only a PHP script!? it was not a magical WordPress plugin!

People wished they could use it on their WordPress sites 🙁  but they could not! They thought maybe they should send a letter to the master chef asking him to turn the popular PHP script into a perfect WordPress plugin! so that they can use just the same contact form on their WordPress sites, enjoy the features and stay safe from hideous Spam monsters!

Years passed and the PHP script sold more and more copies and more and more people requested  the same thing!

Therefore, the chefs thought: Let’s give the people what they want, let’s create a WordPress contact form plugin! But, let’s not just port the PHP contact form script to WordPress, let’s make something that stands out even among the major WordPress contact form plugins. Let’s create something that’s going to be easy to use, secure, powerful, versatile, affordable, and totally loved by all users! so they did…

Yes, my dear friends, it’s true, the chefs succeeded! The only contact form plugin that has everything a contact form needs, for a fair price and unprecedented heroic support!

Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Sincerely yours,
htmlpie team

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