Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Kung Fu and other martial arts in order to use this plugin?
No 🙂 you don’t! you just need to know how to click! 😀 honest!
Does this work with any theme?
Yes, absolutely! we can guarantee that!
Can I create unlimited number of forms?
Yes, there is absolutely no limit.
If I buy this plugin, will I constantly be asked to upgrade to a PRO version or buy some other plugins and/or special offers, discounts, etc?
No, absolutely not, this plugin is totally free of any advertisement or anything.
Do I need to install a separate CAPTCHA plugin?
Not at all! This plugin comes with several built-in powerful CAPTCHA options.
I’ve installed it and the form does not look like the preview on the front-end, what should I do?
Chances are your theme CSS is interfering with the plugin CSS, contact support via and we’ll help you fix your theme.
Can I force visitors to enter their full name?
Yes, you can!
I need a multilingual contact form plugin, do I need to create one form per language? like ContactForm7?
Not at all! Every single form can be translated into as many languages as you want. This includes email subject, email body, automatic responses, subscription notifications, field labels, absolutely everything!!! Even the Riddle CAPTCHA is localization-ready!
Can I add more fields? like Room type, Check in/out date, etc?
This is only a “Contact us” kind of plugin, if you need to create other forms we recommend you to find a form builder plugin.
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