Alla ricerca di un ricco di funzionalità, sicuro, Mobile-Ready script modulo di contatto? non cercate oltre! Il nostro modulo di contatto PHP può aiutare ad aggiungere solo quel tipo di modulo di contatto impressionante al vostro PHP o HTML pagina Web in 5 minuti!

  • This contact form is clean and easy to use. Because I wanted the form match with my website template, htmlpie also supported me with CSS too.

I principali motivi per cui dovresti comprare questo fantastico script php!

  • Easy To Setup, Integrate, andStyle
  • Optional Multiple Recipients
  • Four Sample Styles Included
  • Translatable UI
  • Responsive Layout
  • File Attachments
  • E-mail Address Validation
  • E-mail Address Blacklist Nuovo!
  • Spam Protection
  • CSRF & XSS Protection
  • Unobtrusive Client-side Validation
  • Unobtrusive AJAX
  • Optional Automatic Response
  • GPDR Compliance
  • LTS (Long-term Support)
  • Retina-ready
  • Optional CC\BCC
  • Newsletter Subscription (CSV)
  • SMTP Support
  • Easy To Change Required Fields
  • Easy To Disable Name & Phone Fields
  • Optional Redirect (e.g. Saying Thank You)
  • Optional WAI-ARIA Roles
  • Semantic Structure
  • Powerful CAPTCHA
  • Optional hidden CAPTCHA
  • Well-documented
  • Free Updates
  • Heroic Support!
  • And Much More...


  • Disposizione:Di risposta
  • Versione:3.5
  • Web browser:Tutti i principali browser Web
  • Aiuto:Documentazione e
    Supporto 24/7
  • Requisiti:PHP 5.6 o superiore
  • Valutazione:


    4.5/5 in base alle valutazioni 50


  • Single-recipient configuration and powerful image CAPTCHA.
  • Built according to Responsive Web Design principles to be totally mobile-friendly.
  • Multiple-recipient configuration, plus file attachments.
  • Same form, no file attachments.
  • Dark style, plus honey pot (hidden) CAPTCHA.
  • Clean and modern style. All these styles are included in the package.
  • Flat style.

Domande frequenti

Conosco un po' HTML & CSS, ma non so PHP a tutti. Sarò in grado di installare questo prodotto?
Sì, infatti, perché non è necessario scrivere una sola riga di PHP; tutto quello che devi fare è copiare e incollare alcune righe di codice.
È possibile aggiungere eo rimuovere alcuni campi modulo?
Sì, naturalmente, ma richiede la conoscenza di base di HTML e probabilmente PHP, o si può solo contattare il supporto.
Posso utilizzare questo prodotto con WP?
No, perché questo è uno script PHP e non un plugin per WP. Se avete bisogno di un modulo di contatto plugin per il vostro sito WP allora si dovrebbe acquistare questo prodotto
Questo prodotto ha una funzione di prevenzione dello spam?
Sì, certo che lo fa, ci sono diverse caratteristiche che fermano abbastanza efficacemente qualsiasi tipo di spam.
Posso utilizzare Google reCAPTCHA con questo prodotto?
No, e non lo raccomandiamo. Naturalmente, ci sono due metodi CAPTCHA che è possibile utilizzare, e sono molto efficaci.

Qualsiasi domanda?

Unisciti ai nostri clienti felici!

  • This contact form is clean and easy to use. Because I wanted the form match with my website template, htmlpie also supported me with CSS too.
  • Working with web hosts over the years I've come to expect some hassles when trying to implement features and tools that are supposed to be "simple". I never expected such awesome service as I received on installation of the PHP Contact Form. It was quick and complete. Can't thank them enough!
  • I'm not a programmer. When I purchased this form, I received more service than I could ever imagine! The team was SO helpful. I wouldn't have been able to accomplish my goals without them.
  • I had a couple of questions concerning an issue & after submitting an email to support I was taken care of immediately. The support was very courteous and extremely helpful.
  • After the sale customer service was OUTSTANDING! I had no clue what I was doing and totally screwed the install up. After a few emails, the staff fixed the issues for me. After seeing what they did, I can see where I made my “NOOB” bone-head mistake. They even took the time to explain things in an easily understood manner (stick figures for the beginner).
  • This script was exactly what I was looking for. I was able to customise it to exactly what I needed. The author's support was first rate - even over a weekend.
  • Great support! support took time and effort to "walk me through" on how to embed a Google map on my contact form. Looking forward to purchase more programs from htmlpie
  • If I say nothing else let me say that the online support for this product is "lights-out!". I have been designing websites for 20 years but am not a PHP coder or programmer, although I can muddle my way through already existing code. I had some issues getting this form to work initially and in a series of follow-up emails I was given complete support to get the application up and running. I just wish this type of support was the norm in the industry and that's what makes this type of responsiveness so impressive. They obviously care not only about selling you the application but are there to help you make it work. Great product and even better support!
  • I recently got their PHP/AJAX Contact Form Script but we had a difficult time trying to implement it. They went way above and beyond with their customer service and tech support and quickly got it working correctly. I can get though most HTML coding, but PHP script is difficult for me to edit. I would have never been able to get this to work correctly without them, and I couldn't be happier with their services! I would highly recommend this company to anyone! They really are that amazing!! I even got e-mails from them on a Sunday evening! Their customer service is the gold standard!
    THANK YOU!!!
  • Wow! Great forms that work exactly as we wanted. How refreshing it was to receive genuine human support that was above and beyond our expectations. These guys are going places!

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