Auf der Suche nach einem WP Kontaktformular Plugin? Was ist ein vielseitiger Kontaktformular-Plugin, das einfache Einrichtung ist! kompatibel mit allen Arten von Themen! durch CAPTCHA geschützt! und sehr gut anpassbar? und eine große Bibliothek von vorgefertigten CSS3 Stile!? :)

  • Très bon plug-in même si un peu complexe à prendre en main surtout pour les traduction, mais pas de panique le SAV est au top et épond très rapidement aux questions, je recommande à 100% !

Gründe, warum Sie dieses WP-Plugin kaufen sollten!

  • 2 Minutes To Setup & Integrate
  • Works With Any Theme!
  • Unlimited Number Of Forms
  • Shortcode Support
  • Requires No Coding!
  • Huge Library Of ready-made Styles!
  • Visual Composer Support!
  • SiteOrigin Page Builder Compatible!
  • CSRF & XSS Protection
  • Anti-Spam Flood Protection
  • Image CAPTCHA
  • Hidden CAPTCHA (Honey Pot)
  • Riddle CAPTCHA
  • E-mail Address Blacklist
  • IP Address Blacklist
  • Customizable Form Field Labels
  • Customizable Submit Button Text
  • Customizable E-mail Subject & Body
  • Customizable Automatic Response
  • Customizable Subscription Notifications
  • Customizable Subscription Verification
  • Customizable Newsletter Field
  • GPDR Compliance
  • Fully Translatable Riddles (for The CAPTCHA)
  • Fully Compatible With WPML, Polylang etc.
  • PO File Available
  • Multiple Recipients, With CC & BCC Support!
  • File Attachments(plus Validation)
  • SMTP Authentication (with WP Built-in PHPMailer)
  • Per-form Configuration Customization
  • Plain Text & HTML E-mails Support
  • Optional Redirection On Success
  • Optional Last Name Requirement
  • Optional & Automatic Subscription
  • Subscription Notification
  • E-mail Address Verification
  • Subscription CSV Export (UTF-8 Compatible)
  • Web Accessibility Best Practices
  • Progressive Enhancement
  • Unobtrusive JavaScript\AJAX
  • Unobtrusive Client-side Validation
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Retina-ready Styles!
  • Minimum HTTP Requests
  • Optimized CSS, HTML, andJavaScript
  • Customizable "From:" E-mail Header
  • DMARC\ADSP Compliance(iPage, GoDaddy, etc)
  • LTS (Long-term Support)
  • Least 3rd-party Dependencies Possible
  • Semantic Structure
  • Automatic Updates
  • Cross-browser Support
  • And Really Much More ...

Dies ist kein All-in-One-Formularersteller!

Bevor du zu aufgeregt wirst! :) Dies ist kein All-in-One-Formularersteller wie NinjaForms. Dieses WP-Plugin erstellt nur Kontaktformulare. Sie können also keine zusätzlichen Formularfelder hinzufügen. Wenn Sie nur ein Kontaktformular benötigen, kaufen Sie dieses Produkt und genießen Sie es, denn dies ist eines der besten verfügbaren Kontaktformular-Plugins! :)


  • Layout:Responsiv
  • Version:1.3.5
  • Web browser:Alle wichtigen Webbrowser
  • Hilfe:Dokumentation und
    Support rund um die Uhr
  • Bedarf:PHP 5.6 oder höher, WP 4.x, 5.x, 6.X
  • Bewertung:


    4.85/5 basierend auf 40 Bewertungen


  • Meet the 1 minute contact form! Setup your first contact form in no time!
  • Style with ease! Create beautiful forms has never been easier! no coding required! just click to choose between a huge collection of ready-made styles!
  • Create totally different forms! Customize form configurations, styles, field labels, e-mail subjects and much! with just a few clicks!
  • Add multiple recipients! Create single or multiple recipients forms, translate recipient's name, add CC and/or BCC, and customize recipient dropdown label too!
  • Customize everything! Change form field labels, e-mails, notifications, and more! all with only a few clicks!
  • Create unlimited number of forms! With just one click you can create a form and configure it according to your needs in a jiffy!
  • Add contact forms where shortcodes are not welcome! Create unlimited number of widgets and add them to your site footer and/or sidebars!
  • Fully featured, showcasing the default styles.
  • This is still the previous form! but 2 seconds later! :) isn't it awesome!?
  • The same style tested on a light background.
  • Single recipient contact form! and that CAPTCHA over there is a rock-solid image CAPTCHA my friend! :)
  • Another example! Can you see that amazing fully translatable Riddle CAPTCHA! no add-on or extra plugin required at all!
  • This is even more interesting! as it is protected by a hidden (honey pot) CAPTCHA! plus a nice black style and flat style button!
  • Job aphplication form.
  • All black, with a carbon copy option.
  • Subscription form! basically a contact form with automatic subscription feature and e-mail address verification both enabled.
  • Simple minimalist contact form, showcasing a nice blue flat button; you may not tell but hidden CAPTCHA is protecting it ;)
  • Customize field labels, translate them, and more! all through your WP dashboard!
  • Stacked layout, riddle CAPTCHA, flat style button, custom field labels!
  • Another simple contact form with attachments, and Riddle CAPTCHA.
  • Obviously, such an awesome plugin must be mobile-friendly too!

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Hat dieses Produkt eine Spam-Prävention-Funktion?
Ja, natürlich tut es, es gibt mehrere Funktionen, die ganz effektiv jede Art von Spam stoppen.
Kann ich Google reCAPTCHA mit diesem Produkt verwenden?
Nein, und das empfehlen wir nicht. Natürlich gibt es zwei CAPTCHA-Methoden, die Sie anwenden können, und sie sind sehr effektiv.
Kann ich benutzerdefinierte Formularfelder hinzufügen?
Nein, dies ist kein All-in-One-Formularersteller. Dieses Plugin ist nur zum Erstellen von "Kontakt" -Seiten geeignet.
Wie kann ich das mit MailChimp nutzen?
Sie sollten das Abonnement im CSV-Format exportieren und in Ihr MailChimp-Konto importieren.
Ich habe eine mehrsprachige Website. Muss ich ein Formular pro Sprache erstellen?
Nein, Sie können für alle dasselbe Formular verwenden und dieses in diese Sprachen übersetzen.

Irgendwelche Fragen?

Begleiten Sie unsere glücklichen Kunden!

  • Quality of the plugin is perfect and the owner is really helpful
  • Good plugin, really fast support!
  • Most business say they provide customer support for their products. In general, such support is limited and like pulling teeth to obtain. That's not the case with the Contact Form product produced by HTMLPIE. I recently purchased this great plug-in and asked for assistance and/or clarification on about five different items. Each time I received a prompt and helpful response. I wish all businesses provided such support. I recommend this product and company without hesitation.
  • WP İletişi Formu gerçekten iyi tasarlanmış ve temiz kodlanmış. Ben eklentiden son derece memnunum. Eklenti, web sitem iletişim sayfasına profesyonel bir görünüm kazandırdı. Ayrıca teknik olarak her soruma verdiğiniz içten yanıt ve yardımlarınız için teşekkür ederim. İstanbul'dan sevgiler! :)
  • I'm not a developer and had trouble registering my plugin so I could update it. The team at HTMLPIE were fantastic. They gave me step-by-step directions and it worked perfectly! The interface to create the forms is a little difficult for me, but I was able to figure it out and am sure if I had issues, they'd be there to walk me through it. I've used so called, drag n drop form plug-ins, but this is my preference.
  • Très bon plug-in même si un peu complexe à prendre en main surtout pour les traduction, mais pas de panique le SAV est au top et épond très rapidement aux questions, je recommande à 100% !
  • 100% perfect. Couldn't ask for a better contact form, especially for the price, trust, and thanks!

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