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  • Fully Compatible With PHP 8.x
  • Fully Compatible With WP 5 & 6

什么是“theme lock”?



  • 布局:响应
  • 高分辨率:
  • 列:5
  • 版:1.6.7
  • 网页浏览器:所有主要的Web浏览器
  • 救命:文档
  • 要求:PHP 5.6或更高级别, WP 4.x, 5.x, 6.X
  • 评分:





我已经有了"This Domain Is For Sale”插件(我喜欢它!)我是否会再次支付它?!
只需将所有域名停放在安装了WP的域名上,即可完成设置! :)
我们根本不建议使用PayPal进行域名销售,您绝对应该使用域名托管服务,例如escrow.com - 大多数客户也会使用它。



  • Loving your Domain WP Theme and the associated plugin! It has honestly saved me a lot of money and so much time. It's very easy to set up and use, it works like a charm! Also your customer service and support is super responsive and helpful! Amazing product, fantastic support. HTMLPIE is a champion!!
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  • Buy anything they may sell now and in the future. What a great SERVICE. Many Thanks.
  • This plugin/theme rocks! The functionality rivals that of paid subscription services and the sales/parking pages of domain market companies. It’s great to have a domain marketplace that’s completely under your control, with all the power and flexibility of WP. The customization options are amazing – a bit overwhelming at first maybe but you can make it do anything you want. The results are gorgeous. Looks really good on phones and tablets too. Support is quick and always helpful. My highest recommendation.
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一个 域名待售模板 和

  • Domain Bundle

    • 价值$150美元的插件
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    • 免费更新
    • 长期支持
    • 安全付款
  • 只是WP主题

    • 不包括插件
    • 一次费用
    • 包含增值税
    • 没有隐藏的成本
    • 立即下载
    • 免费安装(按需)
    • 免费更新
    • 长期支持
    • 安全付款