Bizim popüler PHP Script WP sürümü "Bu alan Satılık" bir etki alanı pazarı kullanarak yerine ziyaretçiler doğrudan alan adları için teklifler almanıza yardımcı olabilir!

  • Easy use and ready use plugin. Exactly what I needed to sell some of my domains without effort. I especially appreciate the support that was beyond my expectation.

Bu WordPress eklentisini almanız için en önemli nedenler

  • Handle Tons Of Domains With 1 WP!
  • Works With Any Theme!
  • Visual Composer Integration!
  • Filter By Age, Extension, etc
  • Tens Of Widgets andShortcodes
  • SMTP Support
  • E-mail Address verificationYeni!
  • Per-domain Configuration!
  • Supports Fixed Price Sales!
  • SEO Statistics!
  • Powerful Cache
  • GPDR Compliance
  • Automatic Plugin Updates
  • Multiple Currencies Supported!
  • On-the-fly Currency Conversion!
  • Mark As "sold" With A Click
  • Detailed Statistics
  • Set Starting Price (Optional)
  • Limited Time Bidding (Optional)
  • Affiliate Links
  • Strong Spam Protection
  • IDN Support (UTF8 Domains)
  • E-mail & IP Address Blacklist
  • Optional Comments
  • Receive Offers Via Email
  • List All Your Other Domains
  • Export Data To CSV
  • Fully Compatible With PHP 8.x
  • Fully Compatible With WP 5 & 6
  • WP Coding Standards Compliant
  • Well-documented
  • Commented Code
  • LTS (Long-term Support)
  • And Much More…

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  • Düzen:Duyarlı
  • Versiyon:2.8.8
  • Internet tarayıcısı:Tüm büyük web tarayıcıları
  • Yardım et:Belgeleme ve
    24/7 Destek
  • Gereksinimler:PHP 5.6 veya daha yüksek, WP 4.x, 5.x, 6.X
  • Değerlendirme:


    150 oyuna göre 4.85/5

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Bu eklenti WPML ile uyumlu mu?
Evet, gerçekten!
Sadece 1 kurulum ile etki yüzlerce bu nasıl kullanılır?
Simply bir WP yüklü olan tüm etki alanları Park ve tüm set konum! :)
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  • The level of support offered for this plugin is exceptional. I needed a few adjustments which resulted in one or two tweaks and it is now working flawlessly. Fantastic plugin and fantastic support.
  • The plug-In is well crafted and works straight out of the box. support is first class - I got advice and help on how to "park domains" even on Christmas Day. Thank you.
  • Great product. Superb customer support. Thanks!
  • Just a really simple to implement plug-in and nice customisation options available. Would have loved some kind of ability to link into a PayPal or similar account, but not a big deal breaker at all.
  • That was my first time buying a plugin and I am shocked by the lightening fast support! They are always there for you in case you have any questions/problems. They will make sure you are happy with the purchase and go beyond your expectations! I highly recommend these guys and do not hesitate to buy their beautifully coded products!!
  • Your support for costumer service was great! They're professional and always seem to know what they're doing. Also, their price for plug-ins are really less than they should be. They are second to none, helpful and never late. I don't know any other companies with this kind of service; you are simply awesome!
  • Fantastic support! Had a slight issue with my registrar and the guys from htmlpie competently fixed it even though it was an issue on my and the registrar's end. Another happy customer!
  • Great plugin and EXCELLENT customer support. I had a few hiccups getting the domains configured to work with the plugin. HTMLPIE was prompt and worked with me to get it sorted. Highly recommend plugin and author! Thanks!
  • De plugin gekocht en inmiddels in gebruik op meerdere websites, simpel en overzichtelijk in gebruik, bijzonder uitgebreide opties per domein, overzichten van biedingen, zoekopties etc. En vooral de customer service is ook uitzonderlijk goed, zelden meegemaakt, keep up the good work!!
  • This script does everything a domainer needs and it does it fast. And with the new options added recently, it's even more powerful. However, the real bargain here is the support; it timely, meaningful and sincere. Together, it's a no-brainer and I highly recommend.
  • Excellent support from HTML Pie. Responded immediately and fixed the issues we were having. The plugin works great. Highly recommend!
  • Easy use and ready use plugin. Exactly what I needed to sell some of my domains without effort. I especially appreciate the support that was beyond my expectation.