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1. Installation

  1. Unzip the TO_UPLOAD.zip file.

  2. Edit the dfs_configuration.php file under HPDFS/includes using a text editor software * such as Notepad++, replace the mail@example.com with your own e-mail address and save the file. There are some other settings too, just read the comments :)

  3. Open the description/description.txt using a similar text editor, replace the loremipsum with some information about the domain and so on. You can also add translations and per-domain descriptions by renaming or creating new description files.


    • French description for Example.com: fr.description.example.com.txt
    • Description for Example.com for any language: description.example.com.txt
    • Spanish description for any domain name: es.description.txt
  4. If you need to translate the UI or modify the form messages you can easily do it by editing the files - or creating new files - under /HPDFS/language.

    Please note, any new language file you create needs a correct language code suffix (e.g. dfs_language.es.php for Spanish),please refer to this page for a list of language codes https://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_language_codes.asp

  5. Finally, upload all the files to your server (usually /public_html) and you are done :)

* Very important: Make sure the coding type of your text editor is set to 'UTF-8 without BOM'.

1.2 How to add more domains

The easiest way to use this script on more than one domain is to install it on just one domain then parking all the other domains on that first domain. If you needed help with parking, contact your Web hosting provider and they will be glad to help you with that. :)

The other way is to install the script on each domain separately. Doing this you will be able to have different configurations, unlike the parking method which shares one configuration file between all the domains.

If you have questions about this, contact support through htmlpie.com/support.

1.3 How to enable SMTP

Open the configuration file, change the DFS_C_MAILER to swiftmailer_smtp, right below this you can find the SMTP connection settings, enter yours, save the configuration file and try the form once in order to make sure SMTP is working.

1.4 How to upgrade

The very best way to upgrade is to use a visual comparison tool such as WinMerge, Meld, Kompare, BeyondCompare, and so on, to compare the newer version of the script against the one you are using. Using such a software, you can easily pinpoint which parts have been changed since you purchased the script and add those changes to yours while also keeping any possible modifications you have made.

Bear in mind, you need to know a little bit of PHP, HTML, and CSS in order to do an upgrade! If you don't, please either ask an expert or contact support at htmlpie.com/support :)

Get notified of updates

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2. Requirements

  • PHP 5.6 or higher.
  • PHP GD Graphics Library (For the mathematical CAPTCHA).

3. Troubleshooting

Getting a blank screen.

- This often means there is a problem with some PHP code. On most shared hosting environments PHP errors are hidden by default for more security, you can contact your Web hosting provider or us :) in order to get help.

Not receiving any e-mail:

- Make sure you have entered a correct e-mail address in the dfs_onfiguration.php file.
- Make sure the e-mails do not end in the 'Spam' box of your e-mail.

Cannot see the CAPTCHA

- Make sure PHP GD library is installed on your web server.

If none of the above helps, contact support at htmlpie.com/support

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