Memiliki domain untuk dijual? Berikut adalah cara cepat dan mudah untuk melakukannya! Script PHP ini membantu Anda menerima penawaran untuk domain Anda langsung dari pengunjung, bukan menggunakan pasar domain.

  • Great Script, fast support. Thanks.

Alasan utama mengapa Anda harus membeli skrip PHP yang luar biasa ini!

  • Easy To Setup & Customize
  • Optional Minimum Bid Limit
  • Receive Bids Via Email Or As CSV
  • Multilingual UI
  • Share Buttons
  • E-mail Address Validation
  • E-mail Blacklist Baru!
  • Powerful CAPTCHA
  • LTS (Long-term Support)
  • Optional WAI-ARIA Roles
  • Optional SMTP
  • Semantic Structure
  • GPDR Compliance
  • Made With SEO In Mind
  • No Database Required
  • No Cookies Required
  • Free Updates!
  • And More…


  • Tata letak:Responsif
  • Versi:3.5
  • Browser web:Semua browser Web utama
  • Membantu:Dokumentasi dan
    Dukungan 24/7
  • Persyaratan:PHP 5.6 atau lebih tinggi
  • Peringkat:


    4.85/5 berdasarkan peringkat 55

Tangkapan layar

  • Default configuration and powerful image CAPTCHA.
  • Privacy policy field for GDPR compliance, plus honey pot (hidden) CAPTCHA.
  • Hola! Multi-language interface for maximum lead generation.
  • Default configuration with social sharing buttons, CAPTCHA, and language switch menu.
  • Fixed price.
  • Starting price.
  • All our products are made according to Responsive Web Design principles and all of them are totally mobile-friendly.

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  • Great sellers, very good support, and customer support is top notch, got a reply within a hour, and they are really helpful, couldn't ask for more, will recommend to everyone.
  • Great script, better support!
  • It works as advertised, easy setup and no problems at all.
  • I had a few questions and support responded lightning fast with solutions.
  • Great Script, fast support. Thanks.
  • Thx a lot! Great product, easy to install and modify!
  • Awesome support - I sent them an email asking how to do something and in less than a couple of hours they sent me the solution in the form of an updated file. This was on a Saturday afternoon. I wasn't expecting a response until Monday. The script works great!
  • Very nice, I purchased this script a while back and now getting to use it. I left a comment with the suggestion of a splash background. A true time saver/money maker!

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