1. Installation

  1. Unzip the package you have downloaded upon purchase.
  2. Login to your WordPress administration back-end and navigate to Appearance → Themes → Add New, click the Browse button. Select the TO_UPLOAD.zip file from the package to upload it.
  3. Once the upload has completed you should not activate the theme. Go back to the Add New page and upload the TO_UPLOAD_CHILD.zip file as well, this file contains the child theme that you must activate. Once upload is complete, either click the Activate this theme link, or go to the Themes page, find the Pen Child theme and click its Activate button.
  4. Voila! you're done :)
Please note:
  • After activating a new theme you'd probably want to assign your menus to its menu locations. In order to do that you should go to Appearance → Menus.
  • Please never modify anything inside the "parent" theme directory which is /wp-content/themes/pen, instead of that you can edit its child themes. This is important as any change made to the files of the parent theme will be lost with the next theme update and\or a reinstall.
  • If you need to add custom CSS and\or JavaScript, please do it with a plugin such as "Custom CSS & JS".
  • You can find some beautiful color schemes in the "Pen Theme" section (top menu).
  • The "Header" and "Footer" sidebar areas are meant to be used for advertisements, or any other rather "horizontal" widget.

1.1 Enable automatic updates

Before you begin!

If you have either modified the theme or received a customized version from us, please contact us via htmlpie.com/support before attempting an update.

Automatic updates require an "activation key", please visit htmlpie.com/register to register your copy and receive your activation key.

Follow these steps once you have created your key:

  1. Login to your WordPress administration back-end.
  2. Go to Appearance → Customize → Updates (assuming the "Pen" theme has been activated already).
  3. Enter your activation key & enable automatic updates.
  4. Click the Save button and you're done!


Now, every time there is an update available the WordPress itself will take care of it just like it takes care of updates for free themes and WordPress core.

1.2 Manual update

Before you begin!

If you have either modified the theme or received a customized version from us, please contact us via htmlpie.com/support before attempting an update.

If you have purchased this theme via HTMLPIE.COM you will receive updates via e-mail, other customers should download the latest version from the marketplace they have purchased this theme from.

Once you had the latest version, follow these steps to manually update your theme:

  1. Using a FTP client, or a Web-based tool like cPanel File Manager, create a backup of the theme folders at /wp-content/themes/pen and /wp-content/themes/pen_child or your whole WordPress, then delete the entire /pen folder (/wp-content/themes/pen).

  2. Unzip the TO_UPLOAD.zip file (it's inside the ZIP package you have downloaded) and upload the /pen folder to the /wp-content/themes
  3. You are done!

2. Customization

You can modify much of the look&feel of this theme through the live theme customizer at Appearance → Customize.

If you need to add custom CSS and/or JavaScript, there is a plugin that you can install through Appearance → Recommended → Custom CSS/JS.

For further customizations you may need to create a child theme, or just edit the bundled sample child theme as updates won't change that theme.

Please read this article if you have no idea what a "child theme" is or how to create one: https://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes

Google Fonts

As some people do not recommend Google Fonts because of its slight page load speed impact etc we have made it possible to disable Google Fonts and we have hand-picked 15 font families (85 variations) and bundled them with this theme (licenses carefully reviewed & included) so with Google Fonts disabled you'd still have 85 beautiful fonts to choose from! isn't it great?! :)

3. Troubleshooting

  • I only get an error message about my style.css whenever I try to upload this theme!

    Chances are you are uploading the wrong ZIP file. The one you will receive upon purchase has two other ZIP files inside it (and this documentation in addition to that), the files are called "TO_UPLOAD.zip" and "TO_UPLOAD_CHILD.zip", you should upload one of these instead.

  • All I can see is a blank page!

    Please change the "WP_DEBUG" in your wp-config.php to "TRUE". This will activate "error_display" in PHP. Refresh the page and you should some errors or warnings, either send us these messages or find some way to fix them yourself.

  • I have created some translation files but everything is still in English.
    1. Make sure you have named your translation files correctly.
    2. Make sure your translation files are in the correct directory. Either /wp-content/languages/themes or /wp-content/themes/CHILD_THEME_DIRECTORY/languages
    3. Remove your .mo file and recompile the .po (it will create a new .mo).
  • Some plugin is not working properly when I switch to this theme, but it's fine on other themes!

    Please send us the plugin name, we'll fix it in a jiffy.

If you need help you are more than welcome to contact support.

4. Recommended plugins

We recommend these plugins for bloggers:

Of course, it doesn't mean you have to install them.

Do you have some plugins to recommend? send us the links ;)


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